City of Portage, IN Portage Township Schools Portage Township YMCA St. Mary Medical Center Welcome and congratulations on taking the first step toward improving your personal health and wellness! If you are a beginner or a seasoned athlete, we hope that this website will give you guidance and resources needed to achieve greater health and well-being for your spirit, mind and body, so we can all lead our fullest lives possible at any age.

Our collective focus with the HealthyPortage initiative is to provide social networks and physical activities that bring together people who share common passions and personal interests. Together, sharing our resources, we will nurture the potential of each individual, while delivering the benefits of good health.

Thank you for visiting this website. We hope that this information enhances your journey to better health. Through our collaborative focus on HealthyPortage, we embrace and nurture the promise that lies in all of us!

James E. Snyder
Mayor, City of Portage
Dr. E. Ric Frataccia
Portage Township Schools
Amber Alexander
Interim Executive Director,
Portage Township YMCA
Janice L. Ryba
CEO, St. Mary Medical Center